Top Virginia Wineries for a Vineyard Wedding.
Bob Barkwood
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Top Virginia Wineries for a Vineyard Wedding.

Find the right winery for your special day.

Are you planning a vineyard wedding? Do you wish to host a stunning winery wedding ceremony in the countryside? If yes, you are absolutely lucky! Virginia is known for its rustic views and mountains that overlook beautiful vineyards. This is a perfect destination for a glamorous wedding ceremony.

Vineyard weddings are known for its luxurious nature. And, if you are in Virginia there are few vineyards you must visit and pick for your special day. Just makes sure you don’t fall in love with the wines on your big day!

Luxurious Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyards
The list of best Virginia wine destinations begins with “Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyards”. This is a much-wanted wedding destination amongst rolling hills and mountains. The farm is located along the Monticello Wine trails. What makes the Pippin Hill special would be its farm to table concept. You will be able to enjoy the regional cuisine with ingredients that are taken directly from the farm. Additionally, this destination offers everything from tableware to special wedding decors. Experts consider the Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyard as a one-stop for all your wedding needs. In fact, brides have access to the Granary, Ceremony Lawn and Veranda for hosting their parties. This Virginia vineyard becomes yours after 5 in the evening.

King Family Vineyards
Another interesting vineyard in Virginia for your wedding would be the “King Family Vineyards”. As suggested by its name, the vineyard is both royal and exquisite. It has spectacular outdoor and indoor arrangements. This is one of the most versatile settings for hosting your wedding ceremony. All year round, the King Family Vineyards is booked for receptions, cocktail hours and wedding ceremonies. This destination is nestled in the foothills of the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains. On your big day, you will be able to enjoy the panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Of course, the award-winning wines from this vineyard are a must-try.

The one of a kind Bluemont Vineyards
The talk about winery weddings will be incomplete without “rich”, “red” wine! Voila, this is when places like the Bluemont become interesting! Bluemont Vineyards allows couples to set the entire destination to their tone and theme. This is one of Virginia’s outstanding venues for outdoor weddings. The rustic barn and breathtaking views are key selling points of this vineyard! Bluemont Vineyards is also known for its award-winning signature drinks that can be enjoyed in the midst of stone walls, the iron gazebos, and tall vines!

On the whole, your Virginia vineyard wedding will be an adventure! It will be rich with flavor and freshness. As you plan for a winery wedding, choose one of these places for a stress-free and simple process.

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