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Organic Wineries in Virginia Guide
Bob Barkwood

Organic Wineries in Virginia

In regions like Virginia, more and more vineyards are becoming conscious of organic wines. Wineries are carefully fine-tuned and improved to reduce the use of synthetic chemicals. This is why the percentage of organic wines from Virginia has...

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Guide to Dog-Friendly Wineries Near Charlottesville

Beautiful Dog-Friendly Wineries in Central Virginia Wine Country

Peggy Mihelich 18932 Article rating: 3.5

Greetings fellow wine and dog lovers! My co-founder, Jeremy and I recently took a road trip to Charlottesville, VA with our dachshunds Bentley and Greta. Naturally, we used  to discover some dog-friendly wineries in the area. We normally base our choices on dog-friendliness, proximity to other wineries, and Google ratings, all of which our site pulls together.

Organic Wineries in Virginia

Where to find organic Virginia wine.

Bob Barkwood 17844 Article rating: 3.4

In regions like Virginia, more and more vineyards are becoming conscious of organic wines. Wineries are carefully fine-tuned and improved to reduce the use of synthetic chemicals. This is why the percentage of organic wines from Virginia has increased dramatically in the past few years.

What is Meritage?

The Mystique of "America's Bordeaux"

Cathie Schafer 14095 Article rating: 4.5

This history of the use of the word Meritage in labeling wines really is fascinating. The brainchild of a group of American vintners, who wanted a way to identify and promote American wines that used the same grapes as those used in Bordeaux.  A contest was held to come up with a name to call this American blend. Of the more than 6,000 entries received, Meritage, a completely made up word to combine the words Merit and Heritage was chosen. It is pronounced like heritage, with an M.

Guide to Wine Tasting on the Nelson 151 Trail

Explore Wineries Southwest of Charlottesville, Virginia

Katie Church 12329 Article rating: 3.6

There is a popular stretch of road stretching southwest from Charlottesville Virginia called "Nelson 151", which is the home to tons of wineries, breweries/cideries, and even a distillery. A few of the wineries along this road lean towards the sweeter side; however, the wineries that I am featuring in this article are far from that and have something that everyone will love! For reference, I am strategically listing these wineries from most northern to most southern. If you are traveling from the south, you may want to reverse the order! All of these wineries are located on the north end of the Nelson 151 corridor. 

4 of the Best Wineries In Central Virginia For Food

Notable Chefs make staying for dinner a 'must' in Virginia Wine Country.

Olivia Kennedy 12317 Article rating: 3.7

Many of the wineries in the region are not only amazing places to enjoy a glass of your favorite red or white vino but to stay for a while and enjoy a good meal. In fact, some of the wineries are known for having the best food in the area, with notable chefs and delicious meal choices that pair amazingly with their specific wines.

Guide to Charlottesville's Route 29 Wine Trail

Explore Wineries Near Charlottesville, Virginia

Katie Church 12270 Article rating: 3.8

The Monticello AVA in Virginia is loaded with great wineries. In fact, there are more than 33 on the Monticello Wine Trail alone. With so many wineries in Virginia, it's hard to know where to start when planning a day trip to Virginia wine country.  Use this guide to help you plan your next excursion. 

What is Cabernet Franc?

Some of the best examples of Cabernet Franc are from Virginia

Cathie Schafer 8188 Article rating: 4.4

Cabernet Franc is a red wine, made from a grape of the same name. Aside from being a unique and delicious grape in its own right, it’s claim to fame is as that it is a parent of the much more well-known grape Cabernet Sauvignon. Apparently a happy accidental crossing of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc in a French vineyard sometime in the 1700’s resulted in the ever-popular Cabernet Sauvignon. Interesting right?

Guide to Central Virginia Wine Country

Wineries, Wines, and Things to Do

Bob Barkwood 6663 Article rating: 2.0

Central Virginia is the central Piedmont area of the state. It is home to the Monticello AVA where Thomas Jefferson attempted to make wine at his home Monticello in the 1770s. Jefferson spent years trying to grown European varietals. The Monticello AVA is the oldest in Virginia, formed in 1984 and encompassing the area around Charlottesville.

What wineries in Virginia have the best view of wine country?

Fantastic views of Virginia await you...if you know where to look.

Gabrielle Amontillado 3228 Article rating: 5.0

Wineries are a great place to visit to learn more about some of the finest wines in the country and to even see how they are made.

This is no different in Virginia, but one thing that stands out about the wineries in this state are some of the fantastic views you can enjoy while sipping away at the best that Virginia wine country as to offer. 

Here are three Virginia wineries with the best views of wine country:

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Don't be lost in wine country. Get more guides like these for Virginia Wine Country.




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