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Organic Wineries in Virginia
Bob Barkwood
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Organic Wineries in Virginia

Where to find organic Virginia wine.

If you are asked to choose between non-organic and organic fruits, what will you pick? Undeniably, you will go for the organic one. The hunt for foods that are additive-free, preservative-free and organic has increased dramatically in the past few years. This can be attributed to the quest for organic wine.

Organic wine is becoming famous for similar reasons. It seems absolutely wise and logical to choose organic wine over the non-organic ones! Novice wine lovers believe that the correlation between organic wine and organic fruits are not the same. After all, every bottle of wine is taken from freshly grown grapes.

What is Organic Wine All About?
Organic wine doesn’t always mean no herbicides or pesticides! Instead, it identifies the origin of its ingredients. Sulfur and copper have become extremely common in farming. There are very few regulations to control the use of these elements. During the preparation of organic wines, synthetic chemicals like copper sulfate are not used. This reduces environmental problems and ensures greener vineyards.

In regions like Virginia, more and more vineyards are becoming conscious of organic wines. Wineries are carefully fine-tuned and improved to reduce the use of synthetic chemicals. This is why the percentage of organic wines from Virginia has increased dramatically in the past few years.
With this being said, here are two key players in Virginia’s organic wine industry.

Loving Cup Vineyard & Winery
Loving Cup Vineyards is located at the foothill of Blue Ridge Mountains. It is known for its spectacular views! This is one of the very few certified organic vineyards in the East Coast. All the grapes in Loving Cup are grown organically. The grape varieties are carefully chosen to ensure high resistance to diseases like rots and mildews. World famous Cabernet, Merlot and Chardonnay are prepared organically at the Loving Cup Vineyard & Winery. This vineyard doesn’t invest in grapes that are prone to risky diseases.
Loving Cup specializes in two major varieties of red wine, two major types of white wine and 15 more types of grapes that are ideal for organic farming.

Briede Family Vineyards
As suggested by its name, this is a family run vineyard! It was founded by Paul and Loretta Briede from Virginia (Winchester). The vineyard was established in the year 2013. The ultimate aim of Briede is to create wines from flavorful and healthy grapes that are cultivated through sustainable practices.

Briede sticks to a range of biodynamic, eco-friendly and sustainable practices. It ensures that animals and insects live harmoniously with the grapes! By creating a balanced ecosystem, Briede Family Vineyards has remained successful in the production of organic wines.



Photos provided by: Loving Cup Vineyards and Briede Family Winery

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