Cobbler Mountain Cellars

Cobbler Mountain Cellars

The Little Winery That Could

Via Hwy. 66 Exit 27 "Marshall". Follow our state signage 5 miles to the property. HINT: GPS the old farmhouse address~ (unposted)10363 Moreland Road, Delaplane, VA 20144. Call us for assistance. Same entrance as Long Fall Lane, OFF of Moreland. Follow private road back into the property to Tasting tavern on left. Main entrance through top porch.

Our story....
Starting from scratch after 40 years of vacancy, Jeff & Laura McCarthy Louden & the children have restored the family farm, bringing farming & life back to the Mountain. After years of patience, the farm is seeing its rewards, including award-winning wines and the invitation to serve eight of the wines to the Department of State, Office of Protocol in Washington D.C.

Cobbler Mountain... home to the "Little Winery That Could," is where fairies live in big poplar trees, children run barefoot to Thumb Run Creek & stories of the wise Grandfathers and kind Grandmothers are shared around the Grand Fire Circle at the foot of the forest. A legendary dreamer and human rights activist of the 60s, Grandfather McCarthy, discovered Big Cobbler Mountain in 1959. His love of creatures & exploring has been preserved & passed down to his children & grandchildren. Come hike a wooded trail. Open a bottle of imagination. Sip handcrafted wines with the makers. Find a little fantasy under the old apple tree. Who knows who you will meet along the way?

We love sharing the newly awakened farm with friends. Please feel welcome to bring your furry companions & mannered children to enjoy picnics (always welcome) on the hillside, hikes on the mountain & splashes in the creek. Come and experience the new Tasting Tavern which opened in March 2014. Sign up for our Custom Wine Club to take part in exclusive membership opportunities & invitations! Follow our Border Collie on Twitter: @CorkyatCobbler. Friend us on Facebook for the latest... and stay tuned here. Many music days throughout the summer

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Tasting Fee$10.00
Reserve Tasting Fee$45.00
Tour Fee$15.00
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