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Arterra Wines
Arterra Wines
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Arterra Wines

Born from the love of earth and art.

Born from over a decade of experience producing some of the highest quality wines in Virginia, the Arterra Wines tasting room opened in February 2015, showcasing the wines made by Jason Murray as well as the Gallery and Studio of Hawkmoth Arts featuring beautiful one-of-a-kind fine arts by Sandy Gray-Murray.

Arterra Winery and Vineyards is one of 26 wineries on the Fauquier Wine Trail

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  • Northern Virginia Region
AVAMiddleburg AVA
Wine Trail
  • Fauquier Wine Trail
Tasting Fee$10.00
Reserve Tasting Fee$0.00
Tour Fee$35.00
Vineyard Acres1
Estate Acres1
WinemakerJason Murray
Vineyard Manager Jason Murray

Arterra WinesArterra Wines

Premium Wines using Native Yeast Fermentations, Neutral Barrels, & Minimalist Techniques, to produce the most authentic Virginia-Style wine. 'Art of the Land'

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