Barefoot Wine Company

Barefoot Wine Company

Barefoot Wine Company

The Original Established in 1980

(ps. this is not a real winery. it's just an example, used for testing this website.)

Established in 1980 in the basement of the home of micro winemaker David, this micro-winery has grown up to be the next "little big thing". 

You can enjoy wine poured by the winemaker himself while chatting about the delicacies of wine styles.

Please enjoy your fake wine responsively.

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Tasting Fee$4.95
Reserve Tasting Fee$9.95
Tour Fee$12.95
First Planted6/1/1979
Vineyard Acres1
Estate Acres5
Vineyard Manager David
Barefoot Wine Company

Barefoot Wine CompanyBarefoot Wine Company

Barefoot Wine Company is the original fresh pressed winery.

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We started it all back in 1980 in Akron, Ohio.

(p.s. this is a fictitious winery, used as a testing example only)



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Barefoot Wine Company

The original wine company ready for barefoot on the beach. 

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