Featured Central Virginia Wineries

Ashton Creek Vineyard

Ashton Creek Vineyard

Winery, wedding and event center.

Ashton Creek Vineyard is a working Vineyard, Winery and Event Center. We are open 5 days a week to the Tasting Public, serving fine Virginia...
Blue Toad Hard Cider

Blue Toad Hard Cider

Old-school values, new-world sensibilities

Born in a barn, Blue Toad Cider honors the tradition and legacy of America’s first preferred beverage by brewing an...

Central Virginia Wineries

Blue Toad Hard Cider

Old-school values, new-world sensibilities

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Born in a barn, Blue Toad Cider honors the tradition and legacy of America’s first preferred beverage by brewing an all-natural and eminently drinkable hard cider using locally grown apples in Western New York and apples grown in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Rather than solely using European-style tart and bitter apples, Blue Toad Hard Cider uses a cider blend of three to four different apple varieties (replete with natural seasonal variation) grown in areas near Rochester, New York and Tyro, Virginia. Our production takes place at our cideries located in the Genesee Regional Market in Rochester, New York and at the base of Wintergreen Resort in Roseland, Virginia. We believe our cider is different – more authentic, more drinkable, more responsibly produced, more of an experience – than the more mass-produced ciders that may use imported concentrates. We hope you’ll treat yourself to a bottle, can or glass of our hard cider soon to savor that difference. We think you’ll be back for another.  

Hunt's Vineyard

Established 2009

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Our wines are simple and pure. The magic each grape contains is bursting with a flavor of its own. We want to allow that flavor to come through. By doing so we tend not to blend and allow the grape to just be what it is each year based on the soil, the weather, the tender loving care each vine receives throughout the year.

WeatherLea Farm & Vineyard

"Wool, Wine, Weddings & Weekends!"

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WeatherLea Farm & Vineyard owners Malcolm and Pamela Baldwin host weddings and events as well as overnight guests, raise sheep and llamas, and grow wine grapes on a historic farm in northern Virginia.

Septenary Winery at Seven Oaks Farm

A family-owned and operated vineyard and winery located on a historic property in Greenwood, VA.

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Septenary Winery at Seven Oaks Farm is an historic estate and vineyard just 15 minutes from Charlottesville. Like many before us, they have worked hard to preserve and improve the fruits of this place – from the beautiful grounds to the historic buildings to the vineyard itself. They strive to maintain a healthy respect for the land, its history and its fruits, and refine only as consistent with that respect. Septenary Winery is their way of sharing this history, beauty and vision with all of those who visit their winery or drink their wine.

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