Cabernet Franc

DuCard Vineyards

Mountainside Vineyard with Spectacular Views.

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Limited quantity, estate grown wines in a relaxed, fun and intimate environment. Music on the patio most Saturdays, and lots of special events.

2017 Narmada Yash Vir

Classic Bordeaux Blend

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Narmada Yash-Vir 2017 is made with the classic Bordeaux grapes: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. It is a compelling wine, rich mahogany in color with evocative aromas of black fruits and cedar.

MountainRose Vineyards

Southwestern Virginia's Winery Gem.

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This family-owned dream is located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. David Lawson had a dream that he could change a little piece of earth in Wise County, Virginia into something better.  MountainRose Vineyards planted its first vines in 1996 with several varieties on the previously mined land. Eight varieties of grapes (white: Traminette, Riesling, Vidal Blanc, Seyval Blanc, Niagara, Rkatsiteli, and red: Chancellor, and Cabernet franc) now grow here. Another three acres of young vines (Coroir noir, Chancellor, Cab franc, and Pinot noir grapes) are in future production.  Abundant in minerals, this special soil gives our wines beautiful rich colors and intense fruity flavors and aromas.

Arterra Winery - Where Earth and Art Combine

Winery Review

8323 Article rating: 5.0

Located in Delaplane VA, Arterra, which means “Art of the Land” is both winery and gallery. Winery owner Sandy Gray-Murray is also an artist and runs Hawkmoth Arts. So, while you’re getting your wine on, you can also enjoy (and shop for) Sandy’s beautiful art which encompasses a variety of media from ceramics to paintings to etched glass.

What is Meritage?

The Mystique of "America's Bordeaux"

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This history of the use of the word Meritage in labeling wines really is fascinating. The brainchild of a group of American vintners, who wanted a way to identify and promote American wines that used the same grapes as those used in Bordeaux.  A contest was held to come up with a name to call this American blend. Of the more than 6,000 entries received, Meritage, a completely made up word to combine the words Merit and Heritage was chosen. It is pronounced like heritage, with an M.

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DuCard Vineyards

Wine from DuCard Vineyards in Madison Virginia

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