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2017 Bluestone Quartz Hill Red

2017 Bluestone Quartz Hill Red

Cabernet Franc and Chambourcin Blend

The 2017 vintage was crafted with all estate grown fruit, and it's two-thirds Chambourcin and one-third Cabernet Franc. Great, easy drinking...
2014 Narmada Reflection

2014 Narmada Reflection

Dry Chambourcin

Reflection is rich and full-bodied showing good color, full flavor and a smooth finish. Notes of black cherry and plum dance on the palate.

2014 Narmada Midnight

2014 Narmada Midnight

Narmada Winery Semi Dry Chambourcin

Fantastic juicy, fresh grape flavor underpinned with notes of strawberry, cherry and cranberry.

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    A Visit to Walsh Family Winery Review
    Dan Redding

    A Visit to Walsh Family Winery

    With grape tons of enthusiasm and some years of experience under their belts two Virginia wine young professionals are bringing new life to North Gate Vineyards.  Since they posted about their opening in March, I have wanted to check out...

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