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Horton Vineyards
Horton Vineyards
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Horton Vineyards

Innovative Winemaking in the Heart of Virginia

Horton Vineyards, located in Orange County, Virginia, is one of the most innovative wineries in the country.

Utilizing the latest viticultural techniques, Horton is charting a new generation of wines made from Viognier, the premier grape of France's Rhone Valley, and other premium varieties from southern France, Portugal, Spain, Russia/Georgia, and Italy.

Visitors are invited to come explore these distinctive wines in Horton's magnificent stone winery.

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  • Central Virginia Region
AVAMonticello AVA
Tasting Fee$6.00
Reserve Tasting Fee$0.00
Tour Fee$0.00
First Planted1/1/1989
Wine Trail
  • Monticello Wine Trail

Horton VineyardsHorton Vineyards

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